Malden Community Electricity is a program in development by the City to provide residents and businesses more electricity supply options and more renewable energy. The program is a City-vetted alternative to National Grid’s default supply and other third party electricity suppliers.

Plan Approved by City Council

After a month-long public review, the Aggregation Plan for Malden Community Electricity was approved by the City Council on November 29, 2022. Read the approved Plan here.

Next: DPU Public Hearing

The City submitted its Aggregation Plan to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) on December 7, 2022. The DPU’s first phase of review is to hold a public hearing, which will be held via Zoom on February 22, 2023 at 2 pm https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85067631244. The DPU invites public comment at the hearing, or in advance in writing. Read the Notice with details on how to access the hearing on Zoom and to submit written comments in English here or Mandarin Chinese here.

由于新冠疫情导致现场活动要做很多安全预防措施,事业部将通过Zoom远程视频来举办公开听证会,以听取市民对本市所提交的申请的宝贵意见。时间是2023 年 2 月 22 日星期三下午 两点。请各位与会者在计算机、智能手机或平板上输入链接 https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85067631244

Malden Community Electricity is not currently active – the Program hopes to launch in 2023. Beware of any look-alike offers. Our Program will always have the City seal on our materials!

Malden Community Electricity Program Plan

Click to download the Aggregation Plan for Malden Community Electricity (PDF).

Provide your comments through the form below. Alternatively, submit comments in writing to Public Facilities Director, 215 Pleasant St, Malden, MA 02148 or by calling 781-397-7032.

Goals of Malden Community Electricity

Competitive, Stable Price

Malden Community Electricity will seek to provide long-term, advantageous and predictable rates for electricity. Savings compared to National Grid’s Basic Service rates cannot be guaranteed because future National Grid Basic Service rates are unknown.

More Renewable Energy

Malden Community Electricity’s standard and optional products include more renewable energy than required by Massachusetts. This means you can use cleaner electricity and support the growth of renewable energy generation in our region. 

Increased Choice and Easy Participation

The program offers different options for electricity supply so that everyone in Malden can find an option that fits their budget and climate goals.

Participants in Malden Community Electricity may leave the Program at any time without penalty.

Customers with new electricity accounts can join the Program at any time.

How It Works

Malden Community Electricity does not replace National Grid as our electric utility: they continue to deliver electricity, repair outages and manage all billing.  The program offers alternatives for the Supply portion of your bill.  See the Understanding Your Bill section on the National Grid’s website to see the difference between Supply and Delivery sections.

The program is open to electricity customers in Malden – whether they are a resident, a business, a renter or an owner. 

Prior to program launch, Malden will conduct extensive education and outreach to notify our community

The program is structured with voluntary participation and automatic enrollment.

— Voluntary participation: customers can leave the program at any time – either before the program starts or during – without penalty.

Automatic enrollment for most: In Malden, most residential and some business customers are receiving their electricity supply from the National Grid Basic Service. For these customers, the entry into the program is simple and easy. They are given a 30-day period to consider their participation in the program. At the end of the 30-day period, customers who choose to participate (i.e. do not opt out) will be automatically enrolled in the program. Customers will be enrolled into the Malden Standard product, unless they have chosen one of the optional products. Each customer eligible for automatic enrollment will receive a Customer Notification Letter in the mail. It will have program details and provide ways to opt out via prepaid mailer, phone and online form.

Opt-in required for some: Those Malden residents and businesses who have already chosen an electricity supplier other than National Grid are not automatically enrolled in the program, though they can voluntarily opt in to the program at any time. The Department of Public Utilities advises all customers of third party suppliers to check their contract terms as their supplier may charge them a fee or a penalty to leave before the end of their contract with their supplier. 

Solar electricity consumers will not be impacted and will continue to receive all net metering credits while participating in the Program.

Budget Billing and Low Income Delivery Rate customers will continue to receive those benefits while participating in the Program

Questions and Support

Have questions or need help? Please visit the support page, which contains the contact a form for comments.